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My autism is a dripping faucet

by Lavinia Guadalupe 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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Hidden struggle of Autism

My autism is a dripping faucet
Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

For many years maintenance judged me for all the problems I seemed to have

All of the problems were all connected

I was told that my waterline was connected wrong

So I am stuck with a leaky faucet

I know exactly why it leaks

But theres no way fix it

The annoyance, the repetitious insanity that is always overshadowing what you do

Background noise that you never planned, nor wanted there

Experiencing the leak constantly

Dealing with that dripping faucet all day

Apparently my leak isn’t bad

Because maintenance can’t hear it

Maintenance can’t see it

They’d never suspect the sound that I deal with all the time

The invisible leak that seeps into my life

I am the kitchen and my faucet drips constantly

I want the leak to go away

I hate it so much the leak that will always live with me

So much I want to have it gone

Fighting with myself on every little thing

Because the water on my clothes burns me so much

But to cry about something that’ll dry pisses the maintenance off

I have a leaky faucet and want nothing more for it to go

For me to lie about not hearing it every time I breath

It is to lie and say the earth isn’t dying

Will my leaky faucet continue to haunt me when I no longer need air

What will become of the leaky faucet I harbor

I have a leaky faucet but you didn't know that did you

surreal poetry

About the author

Lavinia Guadalupe

I am a published poet four times over in Topeka Kansas. I rarely write happy sounding poems or stories. Most of what I write is personal in a way, or somewhat controversial. Nothing I write is meant to offend anyone. Please read and enjoy!

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