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prescription refill

by Lavinia Guadalupe 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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medication isn't always bad

prescription refill
Photo by Christina Victoria Craft on Unsplash

Going to your box filled with drugs

A doctors playground your health

It screams

Pushing to the side the others that you’ve already taken

Grabbing the bottle that you desperately need

Only to find out that it’s empty

Nothing but air and flakes of medication lines the bottom

Panic ensues

You can’t function without this drug

This prescription

Your well being

Pick up your phone and dial the necessary number to get your noose

I’m sorry your cop out

I mean your excuse

Wait no they call it your medication

Phone ringing

And the same old holding line begins

A song you know so well

The song of your health rings over the phone

The recorded line asks you questions

As if it really cares

You punch the numbers that match your bottle

Now you have to wait an hour to get it

When you get to take it it’ll be to late

The confine that you swallow won’t kick in until it’s to late

Until your fit is over

No your unnecessary emotions

Fuck my bad I mean your inability to function

It shows through the gaps of the information on the bottle

You go to your box filled with drugs

A doctors playground your health

I scream

But you can’t hear it

Because my medication finally kicked in

surreal poetry

About the author

Lavinia Guadalupe

I am a published poet four times over in Topeka Kansas. I rarely write happy sounding poems or stories. Most of what I write is personal in a way, or somewhat controversial. Nothing I write is meant to offend anyone. Please read and enjoy!

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