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Mulan’s Reflection

Journey Within

By Jenny HuynhPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Mulan’s Reflection
Photo by Violette Filippini on Unsplash

Amidst the tranquil pond's embrace,

A warrior's heart finds a mirrored space.

Reflections ripple, secrets unfold,

In the depths of water, stories untold.

Mulan, fierce and resolute, stands,

Her armor glints, her sword in hand.

But beneath her gaze, the water's art,

Reveals a truth that tugs at her heart.

Who is the girl seen in the water's gaze?

A warrior, a daughter, caught in a daze.

The mask she wears, the roles she plays,

A battle within, in myriad ways.

Reflections shimmer, both strength and doubt,

The path she's chosen, courage throughout.

Yet questions linger, like whispers in air,

Is she worthy, does she truly dare?

In this watery mirror, Mulan does find,

The essence of self, both gentle and kind.

A journey within, to acceptance she's led,

Embracing her truth, her spirit widespread.

Reflection, a poignant plea,

To see oneself with eyes unclouded, free.

Mulan's journey, a testament, a creed,

In waters of honesty, her heart finds its need.


About the Creator

Jenny Huynh

Facts can be fun, complex, and not as black and white as some may think. Be open minded, explore and discover.

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