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Mr. Name

Fun is spelt B.A.D!

By Conor MatthewsPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Mr. Name
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I don’t feel like being a hero,

I feel like killing one.

I don’t feel like doing the right thing,

I feel like having fun.

Good people flee from me,

I walk and take my time.

You may play by the rules,

If I don’t get caught it aint a crime.

You call me the bad guy,

Show respect; that aint my name.

You call me the devil,

Or Lucifer, like they’re on in the same.

This may surprise some,

But I don’t care what you do.

This may come as a shock,

I work the brothel and the pew.

Call me by my name,

Whatever one you wish.

If you want revenge,

Served on a cold dish.

If you have someone in mind,

That you want me to kill.

Or take out for a night,

If you want a thrill.

Call me by my name,

Shout it out nice and loud.

They’ll never see me coming,

I’ll be hiding in the crowd.

I can’t be all that bad,

If I’m just here to help.

So the next time you need me,

Just say my name; give a yelp.


performance poetry

About the Creator

Conor Matthews

Writer. Opinions are my own. https://ko-fi.com/conormatthews

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