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Morning Moanings

Silly seduction

By Amourè DeezyyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Viktoriia Sendetska

Scrape the sides of the pan

Clear me of debris , no

I’m not okay nah not ever to me

Heart wrenching purposes

Pussy pulsating memories

I could always tell if you really into me

When you ready to enter me

I’m just the Center piece

Please leave messages after this tone

The last ingredient is pretty long

I’m starting over , help me fix my breathing

I appreciate your essence I appreciate your season

I get isolated jealous I be in ah mood

Polymer Pussy plates he eats his food

Potluck breakfast bring your favorites

I’m your banjo , here come play this

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Amourè Deezyy

Unorthodox woman creating soul-feeding content for great people who are connecting with themselves.

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    Amourè DeezyyWritten by Amourè Deezyy

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