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Empty Empaths

Emotionally imbalanced empath

By Amourè DeezyyPublished 21 days ago 1 min read

Empath your empty

Empath your tipsy

Empath you fifty

Empath you get me

What’s left after the drop of your dime

Who’s son can steal you shine ?

Which path is truly divine ?

Where’s love when you don’t have time ?

Senseless depictions from the oppositions

Y’all all start sounding the same

Y’all all told me stay in my lane

Y’all all judge with no shame

Y’all all want something to tame

Y’all all wanting glitz and fame

I’m not content with the story you wrote

You wrote it for me not for me

You waited for me or you

Waded for me?

Can you play it for me

But not say it for me ?

Did you study me in school or

You assumed you mastered a craft

You assumed I don’t know math

Adding pieces just to subtract

Saying things I can’t take back

Staying grateful so I don’t feel lack

Empath your empty

Empath your tipsy

Empath you fifty

Empath you get me

First Draftslam poetryMental Health

About the Creator

Amourè Deezyy

Unorthodox woman creating soul-feeding content for great people who are connecting with themselves.

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  • Manisha Dhalani21 days ago

    Such a brilliant play on words - "You wrote it for me not for me" - loved it!

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