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Morning Glory

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Morning Glory

Waking up with the sun shining in

Sitting up in bed with the window open

Birds singing

Crops swaying

Sitting quietly listening to the country wind

Grass as green as far as the eye can see

The leaves are starting to change on the tree

It's a bit early, but fall is coming

Slipping on my slippers

Heading to the kitchen for morning coffee

Looking out the window as I sip

The sky is as blue as can be

Wild flowers growing along the back patio

Their scent is Earth's natural perfume

Butterflies and Bees hover between each petal

Suckling the sweetness from their nectar

I sit in my living room chair

Instead of turning on the television

I listen to Earth's greatest hits

The Birds, The Wind and sometimes featuring the rain

The only music that could ever really ease any pain

Taking the last sip

As I wash my cup, I can hear the water drip

Taking the towel so I can dry

The cupboard creaks as I open it

Putting it away, i'm ready to start my day

With nothing to do, or any where to go

I must stay in quarantine

Where I must now enjoy life's little things

Things I forgot had existed

In my previous life that was always on the go.

Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf
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