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Montreal is a Thief

by Danielle Campbell 5 months ago in art

but the acrylics are in Michigan

Today is Summer

just like yesterday and the day before ,

like the tomorrow I will dread knowing you are not here .

Four years and countless days waiting

to understand how an old Montreal van took 18 years of my heart

in a second

with 48 hours of your fight on a machine that never knew your name.

I am here with your sister and we both agree

that the colors of the day never returned

that perhaps your grave in Michigan where I left the ambilocal cord

and the print of my mother fingers in the soil where you now rest

is lined with buckets of acrylics and that should we return

to ACCEPT that you are gone

we could paint the sky together.


Danielle Campbell

I believe in life after heartache, hope after death, and the healing sound of a sentence that rings in your ears.

God is inside, look there.

Look up when you want to see the stars.

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Danielle Campbell
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