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Mirrors of Grace

Embracing the Beauty Within

By Mubashira KachhotPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Mirrors of Grace
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

In the mirror's silent glare,

Whispers echo, weight of stare,

A fragile heart begins to break,

Under shadows words can make.

Bodies judged by cruel eyes,

Labels stick, no matter size,

"Too thin," "too thick," all the same,

Each insult burns, each one a flame.

In the garden of self-doubt,

Every tear a silent shout,

Seeds of shame, they start to grow,

In fertile soil of sorrow sow.

But see the strength within the soul,

A tapestry, a vibrant whole,

More than flesh, or bone, or skin,

A radiant light that shines within.

Reject the chains of harsh critique,

Embrace the voice, the heart unique,

For beauty lies in every form,

In every spirit, tender, warm.

Let not the world define your grace,

Or bind your worth to outer space,

Rise above, and break the mold,

In self-love's light, be brave, be bold.

For every scar, each mark, each line,

A story etched in human design,

A testament to life's embrace,

A portrait painted with your grace.

In the mirror, see anew,

A perfect blend of me and you,

Whole and worthy, strong and free,

A masterpiece of what could be.

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    Mubashira KachhotWritten by Mubashira Kachhot

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