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Mirror Me

by Marilyn Glover 4 days ago in inspirational
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6402196 © Mykola Velychko | Dreamstime.com-little girl in mirror

Stepping out of a fresh hot shower

I erase a mirror’s steam

Revealing the reflection

Of a tender one

Who always dared to dream


A little girl, only three of age

With wavy golden hair

Midway falling, chin and neck

Surprise eyes

Green brown smize

The intention in her stare


She spoke a certain language

While giving curls a twirl

Self-talking with her best pal

Oft reciting

“Pretty girl, you pretty girl”


Her innocence knew no shame

Comfort came instinctively

Shiny surfaces

Opened portals

To a makeshift naturally


Within these realms, she would dance

A ballerina pose

Wearing chiffon pink

At one time blink

She owned her tippy toes


Never doubting or self guessing

A princess in her prime

Now a forgotten kingdom


Abandoned over time


Now this woman in the mirror

Seeks out her younger days

A little hand

Reaches out

From look-alike displays


Hand-held, full-length, and wall mounts

Call out when she walks by

The child within

Needs her help

In silence, she hears her cry


Solace is an easy game

When one takes away the rules

She once played

Without one ounce of effort

Relying on internal tools


To reconnect with her truest self

And hug the lonely lass

She looks again

Reclaiming first person

It’s me in the looking glass


As I stand here embracing her

The girl from yesterday

I understand

She was always near

Yet I chased her far away


Holding hands; reunited

The cheval glass is clear

We step together

In spit and image

My shining moment, here


Dancing partners, never to part

I spin her with a whirl

Together, stepping


I am that pretty girl


About the author

Marilyn Glover

I am a British/American dual citizen whose first love of writing is poetry. I also write on Medium and am an editor in two publications. Most recently, I became a top writer and opened my first publication. I am 50 years young!

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