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Miracles happen

Faith, prayer

By Munazza SultanaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Miracles happen

In realms where miracles unfold with each dawn's tender embrace,

Unseen blossoms unfurl, in clandestine grace.

For faith, a prism, illuminates the hidden gleam,

Guiding souls through doubts, where shadows teem.

From whispers of doubt to fear's enfolding shroud,

Miracles linger, weaving hearts with whispers proud.

Patient and resolute, they await their cue,

For those who trust, their enchantment true.

Believe in the magic deep within your core,

Where dreams take flight, and wonders explore.

For those who cradle faith in their heart's warm embrace,

Discover miracles in each sacred space.

So let your hopes ascend on wings of prayer,

In realms where miracles occur without a care.

With faith and prayer as compass, guide and friend,

In life's grand tapestry, miracles blend.

Munazza Sultana

performance poetry

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  • Test3 months ago

    Wow what an impressive poem🥰

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