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In a world where words meander like a gentle stream,


By Munazza SultanaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In a world where words meander like a gentle stream,

Speaking merely skims the surface, while embodiment gleams.

To tread in others' shoes, a soulful quest,

Needs selflessness, empathy's behest.

To share in their joys, to bear their strife,

One's spirit must blaze with the ardor of life.

Let them converse, with words refined and neat,

Yet true understanding is a lofty feat.

For to authentically dwell in another's days,

Demands courage in countless sunlit ways.

Understanding deepens, as rivers ebb and flow,

In others' paths, secrets and sorrows sow.

Complexities unravel, obstacles become clear,

In shared trials, genuine bonds appear.

For battles fought, both in darkness and light,

Insights take flight when we embrace their plight.

The life one leads, the trials they endure,

Demand fortitude, each step with grace, pure.

To empathize, to taste their sorrow's brew,

To see the world through their lens anew,

It's not just words, but actions bold and true,

That unveil the depths of courage imbued.

To speak of someone, it may seem light,

But living their life takes courage, bright.

performance poetry

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