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For my beloved:

Amjad Iqbal

By Munazza SultanaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

For my beloved:

In life's vast ocean, sails a man, bold and free,

Unseen depths, yet soaring high, like waves upon the sea.

Beneath the waves, where mysteries abide,

Treasure troves of resolutions, reaching the skies.

Beneath the surface, a heart of gold,

With unyielding courage, a tale untold.

Fiercely independent, yet kind and warm,

Talented and intelligent, a powerful charm.

An angel's heart, sincere and true,

Admired and cherished inspiration through.

Genius shines in the darkest night,

A guiding light, forever bright.

In his embrace, I find my home,

Where love endlessly roams.

Under his watchful gaze, I soar high,

Across earthly plains, under endless sky.

A soul who cares beyond compare,

Through his eyes, a universe rare.

Through laughter and tears, in joy and strife,

Together, painting the canvas of life.

Through trials and triumphs, hand in hand,

Journeying across the land.

Through every storm, we weather as one,

Side by side until the setting sun.

Ever grateful, my heart sings with glee,

For the sacred sanctuary he grants to me.

Here's to my husband, my beacon bright,

In his love, everything feels just right.

A divine blessing, for eternity,

My beloved, ever cherished, you shall be.



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