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By Ken Clepper Published 22 days ago 3 min read

"Before me lies a new path, with love, family, and lessons learned from failures. For the first time, I'm at peace, eagerly anticipating each new day. I rise with purpose, cherishing time with my children. Shame, once a constant companion, now feels foreign. Though I have less than before, my heart beats with a newfound understanding.

In this moment, I yearn to express joy through poetry, but words elude me. My heart overflows with emotion, yet transferring it to paper has always been a challenge. I've long used writing as an outlet for pain, but now I'm amazed by my love for it. I'm writing more, exploring not just my inner world but also the world around me.

I write about the power of friendship, the importance of mental health, and the resilience of women and men who've faced unimaginable struggles. I write about wars, borders, and the human spirit's capacity for hope. I reflect on the wars in Ukraine and Syria, and the contradictions of a world that both fuels and condemns them.

I write about the countless black and brown families seeking refuge, and the injustices they face. I write to honor my own journey, from darkness to healing, and to celebrate the little black girl who once felt silenced but now speaks through my words. I'm grateful for life, love, and the chance to share my story."

"Families of color remain stranded at borders, enduring treacherous waters only to face brutal treatment and erasure. This timeless struggle resonates deeply, as I reflect on my own journey from brokenness to resilience. I survived a childhood marred by abuse, divorce, and trauma, where my body was treated as a punching bag and a vessel for others' gratification. The scars of those experiences led me down a path of self-destruction, with suicide attempts, death threats, and jail cells serving as stark reminders of my pain.

Yet, I rose from the ashes, determined to share my story. I've come to understand that I am not my own enemy, but a friend worthy of love and compassion. My mind, once a battleground, is now at peace. When emotions overwhelm me, I reach deep within and pull myself out of the darkness, clinging to the rhythm of my heartbeat and the resilience of my spirit.

I walk hand in hand with my inner child, the little black girl who was silenced but never forgotten. We survived the trials of our past, and our words, once stifled, now flow like coffee stains on our mother's blouse. We wrote our way out of the darkness, forgetting the sound of our own voices, but rediscovering our strength in the power of our stories."

"The sound of her voice echoes through time, a testament to resilience. Today, we walk side by side, alive with a dream that once seemed impossible. Gratitude fills our hearts, and we revel in the beauty of life. Fear no longer holds us back, and we embrace our purpose with pride. Though our pockets may be empty, our spirit is full, and we make our family proud.

Each breath is a gift, a reminder of the power of love and gratitude. We've navigated the darkness of depression and dead ends, but now we stand tall, healed and strong. We've overcome the devil's grip and wear our scars like badges of honor. We're proud of who we are, and our happiness is a beacon of hope.

Tears of joy stream down our faces, knowing we could have been destroyed but instead found our voice. This is a testament to every girl who's been silenced, told her words were just noise. We see you, we hear you, and we pray you find the strength to make your voice heard. May you become the woman you were meant to be, in all your glory and beauty."


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Ken Clepper

Versatile wordsmith and history buff: poet, author, essayist, and enthusiast of the past."

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