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"Eid's Embrace, a Bounty Spread"

By IsraPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Taylor Kiser on Unsplash

In kitchens filled with savory scent,

Where spices blend in rich descent,

A sizzle whispers in the heat,

As flavors mingle, secrets meet.

From tender cuts on butcher's block,

To simmering pots that gently rock,

A feast unfolds with every slice,

In every dish, a tale of spice.

Biryani's fragrant, saffron kissed,

Kebabs that char, by flames are blissed,

Curries simmer, thick and bold,

In copper pots, a treasure hold.

From Eid's embrace, a bounty spread,

Where families gather, prayers are said.

In every bite, a bond renewed,

In every dish, love's gratitude.

So raise a glass, in joyous cheer,


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    IsraWritten by Isra

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