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Meadow Minded

exploring growth

By Emmie FalboPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
Meadow Minded
Photo by andreas kretschmer on Unsplash

Flowering of our soul begins to meadow

Universe of reflection begins to shadow

Doubt scrapes the surface, we ignore

Uncertainty seems to soar

Grasping knowledge, a familiar dimension

Unlocking the truth, unexpected prevention

Separated by power, unruled justice

Struck by confidence, can’t instruct us

Guided by the force of will

Wisdom is power, becomes instill

Soul combining energy into light

Only you can be your knight


About the Creator

Emmie Falbo

Hi there! I'm just someone who writes stories to help people immerse themselves into a whole new realm. I love to spread joy and positivity anywhere I can. On a mission to craft stories for comfort and positive impact. ☕️📖✨

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