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Me, Myself, I and You

by Nathaniel Reidhead 5 years ago in surreal poetry
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"I sleep beneath the surface on the walls I face..."

I sleep beneath the surface on the walls I face

Locked between a glass pool and a fragile place

My heart it thumps but when it breaks I shatter

And when I’m gone, you’ll leave, I will never matter

I sleep beneath the surface, a crystal clear skin

The shards cut deep, bleed, covered by a bottle of gin

But hating him, reveling in this cold dark madness

It hurts me to say but I can only drink on the sadness

I sleep beneath a thin veneer of translucent bright white

And when the lights turn out, I can only endure the night

Each time, passerby, caution, be understanding and wise

Because deary as you travel, you change, you grow in size

I sleep beneath the wall you can only truly ever trust

But my dearest child, you anger at the truth I must thrust

Standing here is not easy, no doubt I hang here in sad silence

But my sweet child, what you don’t like, you act only in violence

I sleep beneath a surface, with a hall full of mirrors

I laugh with the laughter and cry with the grievers

Be quiet, be careful, be aware I shudder and shake

But you’ll only walk past I’m sure when I break

surreal poetry

About the author

Nathaniel Reidhead

Hey everyone, call me Nathan. I am a student at MSSU and I am a psychology major. I love to write stories and poetry and even essays.

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