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by Mindy Lawson 2 days ago in love poems

Poem By: Mindy Lawson

(My Mother Mary Lawson)

“This Poem is for my Mother Mary Edna Lawson,

She was born on September 24th, 1959 and

Died on June 1st, 2021, she was a very loved and

remarkable woman”


By: Mindy Lawson on 09/14/2021

Mary a lovely, friendly lady,

That you wouldn’t mind seeing on

the daily,

She is very kind and boy she sure can make

you mind,

She has a smile that will have you running


A heart that will make you go that extra Mile,

She made sure her family came first,

And if something tried to interfer, oh boy she would


Cause yes she can be mean,

But that’s not like her or is it in her Gene’s,

She looked like Mildred her Mother,

But always tried to be more of a lover,

Not a fighter,

Her kids were always her pride and joy,

Especially her Princess Oh Boy,

Untill her Grandkids came along and stole

her away,

To enjoy her Love all the more each day,

Mary never let anything keep her down,

Not even a scary looking Clown,

Yes her life was rough,

But she new it was never enough,

No matter if you were family or a friend too,

Mary always loved you through and through,

Yes she left us all in June,

To go be with You,

Lord, you know we love her and miss her too,

But please keep my Mother safe with you,

Until the day that I come up to Heaven,

So me and Her can be reunited again


A beautiful, wonderful woman that you will

love like no other,

Mary my Mother

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Mindy Lawson

I am an outgoing outspoken adventurous person who loves her kids.

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Mindy Lawson
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