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Magnet’s Touch


By Raj’s VocalPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Magnet’s Touch
Photo by Chris Nagahama on Unsplash

Invisible forces, pulling me near

A magnet's touch, both tender and sheer

Like a lover's embrace, strong and secure

I am drawn to you, forevermore

Your power, magnetic and true

Guiding me, like the North Star in view

I am entranced by your captivating force

Bound to you, on this endless course

Attraction beyond the physical realm

Magnetic energy, at the helm

Pulling me closer, with each passing day

In your magnetic field, I'll forever stay

So let us dance, in this magnetic trance

Bound together, in an eternal romance

For in the pull of your magnetic allure

I have found my home, forever secure.


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Raj’s Vocal

Welcome to my channel :)

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Raj’s VocalWritten by Raj’s Vocal

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