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"Ma Lune"

Dedicated to the my favorite full moon, the Harvest Moon....ma lune m'aime- my moon loves me....

By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 2 min read
This is a page from my journal.

I have been waiting for you. I have been longing for you.

I anticipated your arrival. I predicted your presence.

I knew you would make your way to me, eventually.

For all the love lost, I still believed in a love worth finding.

For it is you and me. For it is me and you.

To me, you are the moon, surrounded by the stars.

Of all that shimmers in the celestial sky-

Nothing by comparison, to the light that you shine in my dark night.

For you, to me, are forever mine.

Forever my moon. Forever Ma Lune.

You came to remind me, all is possible in life and in love.

I look to you "Ma Lune" to remind me of change.

I look to you "Ma Lune" to remind me of transformation.

I look to you, my moon, to see that everything that lives, must change.

Forever, we must change to exist.

Forever, we must change to reflect our light.

We return to our light and we return to our peace.

Against all odds and against all opposing forces.

You give to me an undying and an unwavering forever.

You give to me understanding.

Understanding, that within ourselves and within our transformations-

we must accept and become change.

There will be good and there will be evil in this life that we live.

But through it all, we will never fail to exist, if we so choose.

A revolution, a phase, an eclipse-

Whether good or evil, it is never permanent, only temporary.

I reflect your light and you revolve around me.

I am the Earth and you are the moon-

Surrounding and encircling circling me constantly.

A beautiful satellite that encompasses me.

I know that without you, I could be no longer.

For it is you that keeps me grounded.

You are my sole source of gravity,

pulling me and holding me- steady and in place.

And I know it is love.

It is where I wait for you-

I need you new. I need you full.

I need you as everything in between.

I need all the pieces of you, for me to exist.

It does not need to happen all at once- I will spend my life to see all of you-

Exactly as you are, exactly as you want to be seen.

Waxing and waning, in your own time- giving yourself to me slowly.

I see you bigger and brighter than ever before.

When you are new and not to be found amongst the sky black,

you are not lost- you are with me.

I know you will return to me.

I love you "Ma Lune" when you are full- and even when you are not.

I love you in all of your phases.

I love you, ma lune.

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Jamie LeFebvre

A spirit having a human experience. Join me on this journey to popularize self-discovery, self-love, and love for mankind. Promise to never stop asking the world "Why?". Because nothing is as it was once thought to be.....

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