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Lover Girl

or … Love Anyway

By HerBrownProductionsLLCPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

I’m a lover girl and this is what I said.

For the love of many,

for the love of me instead.

The love that I spent in hopes of a

positive peace.

Praying for in all situations that love

never leaves.

That I don’t fall on my face from the

love that’s been worn on my sleeves.

Amicably a lover girl in the mirror

none the less is who I see.

One whose loved and lost but not too

far gone from where she really wants

and knows she should be.

The love that she understands that she

should receive,

one that lets her flourish and rest in her

divine femininity.

The type of love that will some day

birth legacy,

because her destiny in love will create

all beautiful things.

Loving yourself should cost you

nothing especially when you’ve let

loving everyone else cost you


Anything that is patient, that is

kindness, is a form of love.

And this is what I say, love yourself

and spread love to everyone else that

you can anyway.

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Just a Black girl creative looking to write and inspire. Poetry, History, Devotion, Entertainment.

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  • Salman siddique3 months ago

    loved reading it

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