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Love story (56)


By Love storyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

In the tapestry of time

Memories entwine

Unforgettable moments

Forever they shine

A childhood's laughter

Summer's embrace

In the heart's deepest corner

Finding their space

Underneath starry skies

Dreams took flight

Innocence painted in colors so bright

Warm hug

Bond that won't cease

Through life's ebb and flow

It finds its release

The scent of rain on an autumn's day

Footprints on beaches, where waves gently play

First love's tender touch

A heart's rhythmic beat

A symphony of emotions, so tenderly sweet.

Life's chapters written in laughter


Etched in the fabric of moments and years


We hold them dear

In the tapestry of time

Forever they appear

A treasure trove of moments

Forever by our side

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Love story

My heart, forever yours to keep

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  • Shima Omar6 months ago

    Everyone this owner is my heart keeper.

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