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Love story (54)


By Love storyPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

In solitude

She finds her space

A moment's grace to embrace

Her heart seeks quiet

A haven's trace

Where thoughts can wander

Unnoticed meaningful kindness

Dreams chase

Amidst the hush

Her spirit soars

Seeking solace on distant shores


Yet not lonely

She explores

Her inner world

Her heart restores

A time for self

A tranquil zone

To introspect

To be her own

In solitude's embrace

Seeds are sown

Growth and strength in quiet shown

Respecting her wish

I understand

A time to rejuvenate


In solitude's gentle

beckoning hand

She finds herself in a peaceful land

Forever waiting patiently

In his embrace

Her heart finds rest

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Love story

My heart, forever yours to keep

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