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Love story (50)


By Love storyPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

In love's domain

A story unfolds

A wife departed

A tale to be told

Selfishness reared its ugly head

Tearing apart the bond they once led

Her heart grew weary

Burdened by care

His selfish ways

too heavy to bear

She sought a path to reclaim her glee

From his self-centered grasp

She aimed to be free

Yet in this tale of sorrow and strife

Perhaps they'll learn

change brings new life

To mend the wounds

To heal and grow

Selflessness must replace the ego's shadow

In solitude

He faced his flaw

Regretting actions that left her in awe

A chance to change

To selfless be

To win back love

Set hearts free

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Love story

My heart, forever yours to keep

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