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Love's Sweet Madness

Love Makes Me Go Crazy

By Svilleg6Published 2 months ago 1 min read
Love's Sweet Madness
Photo by Buzz Andersen on Unsplash

They say love drives men crazy, well, darling, that's a fact,

Since meeting you, my sanity's been falling back.

Forget the poets crying beneath the moonlit sky,

My madness for you borders on a battle cry.

No knight in shining armor, that's a role I'll claim,

My heart, a fortress guarded, set ablaze by your name.

Cupid's rusty arrow, couldn't pierce this steel,

But your laughter, a siren song, my defenses did reveal.

Don't get me wrong, my dear, I'm not one to be tamed,

But the chaos you bring, love, is a fire I've inflamed.

The world may scoff and whisper, "Lost, that arrogant soul,"

Let them mutter, I say, that your love makes me whole.

They speak of soul-mates, destined paths entwined,

But darling, with you, a different fate I find.

We're not two halves seeking to complete the form,

We're comets colliding, a beautiful love storm.

My confidence, unshaken, falter at your gaze,

The universe itself shrinks in your mesmerizing haze.

So call me crazy, lost in this delirious bliss,

For a love like ours, my sanity I'd gladly miss.

I may boast and swagger, a facade, some might say,

But when it comes to you, I surrender each day.

You've conquered this fortress, breached its stubborn wall,

And in this sweet madness, darling, I willingly fall.

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  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Yeah it is sweat. Well done.

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