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Love's Squared

The challenge to compartmentalize this object we call "Love." Love is love is love is love.

By SeyurPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Less of a Poem more a series of thoughts

From me to you in a galaxy of broken hearts

How can I mend the world when the wind wins by blowin' commitments like Autumn Leaves in empty parks

See, it's like how the stars stay beautiful even when accompanied by the dark

Eh, I guess I must try

Tip the scales cause If I fail there'd be no more nice guys

And what's a fire if someone doesn't make sparks fly?

I need a muse

Nah, I really do

Are you confused?

Yeah, well me too.

Love's Squared.

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Music Connoisseur, Lover of the Arts, Urban Genius, Author, Writer, Creator and a plethora of dopeness! Bringing vernacular to your soul.

IG: seyur_mine

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    SeyurWritten by Seyur

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