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Love Recipe: Crafting the Perfect Dish of Love


By Elefty Erika SiamaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Love Recipe: Crafting the Perfect Dish of Love
Photo by Nature Zen on Unsplash

Love, oh love, how sweet and pure

Like a dish, it has its own allure

It's a recipe that's hard to define

But with its steps, it's sure to shine

First, start with trust and passion, a fiery flame

Add in some laughter and kindness, let it tame

Mix in some patience, a pinch of grace

And let it simmer, in this sacred space

Add in a pinch of communication

To avoid any misinterpretation

Mix it in with a generous amount of affection

To create a love that knows no rejection

Stir in some understanding and compromise

To create a bond that truly mesmerize

The heat of loyalty and commitment

Will keep love strong, no matter the predicament

Next, fold in understanding, with gentle care

And don't forget, a touch of dare

For love is an adventure, with twists and turns

But with courage and faith, it always burns

Now, add in forgiveness, to heal any wounds

And a generous portion, of shared dreams and tunes

Let it marinate, in memories and time

And watch as love, begins to climb

Top it off, with a dash of devotion

And a sprinkle of loyalty and commitment, the ultimate potion

For love is not just a feeling, it's an ongoing act

And with these ingredients, it will always attract

And finally, the secret ingredient of all

Is the love itself, that binds us like a call

Let us savour, this love that we've made

With all the steps, and the risks we've braved

So let's cook up some love, my dear

With these steps, there's nothing to fear

For love, like a dish, can be made perfect

With each ingredient, our hearts will connect.

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