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Love Purity

The Serenity of Love in Its Purest Form

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Love, a purity that fills the soul,

A feeling that's deep and true,

A bond that makes us whole,

A love that's worth pursuing through.

It's a feeling that comes from deep within,

A purity that's rare and fine,

A love that forgives every sin,

A love that will always shine.

It's a flame that burns so bright,

A love that's pure and true,

A bond that feels just right,

A love that's meant for me and you.

It's a force that brings us together,

A purity that stands the test of time,

A love that's pure and free of tether,

A love that makes life so sublime.

It's a feeling that brings us joy,

A purity that fills the heart,

A bond that nothing can destroy,

A love that will never depart.

Love, a purity that's hard to define,

A feeling that's hard to express,

A bond that will always shine,

A love that's worth every caress.

It's a feeling that comes from the heart,

A purity that's worth the wait,

A bond that's never apart,

A love that's always great.

Love, a purity that we all deserve,

A feeling that's hard to find,

A bond that's worth every curve,

A love that's always kind.

It's a feeling that's worth pursuing,

A purity that's worth the chase,

A bond that's worth renewing,

A love that's full of grace.

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Watch my hot vidoes

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