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Love Me...

Lust or Love

By just KayPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Tell me that you love me,

This is how I wanna be.

Here in your arms

You're all that I wanna see.

Some girl feeling on you,

Who the fuck is she?

Lust or love,

Neither choice comes free.

But our love has become a vine,

Choking out my inner tree.

Tears will come and join the sea,

Ima clear my heart of your debris

Cause me loving me is priority.

No longer will you fuck with my energy,

But a queen I'll always be.


About the Creator

just Kay

I travel. I smoke. I read. I write. I consult. I plan. I entertain. I love. I enjoy. I create.

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    just KayWritten by just Kay

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