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Love in the Age of AI

What is it going to do to the humans?

By MAKING REAL MONEYPublished 9 months ago β€’ 1 min read
Love in the Age of AI
Photo by Erick Butler on Unsplash

In the digital realm, where pixels reign,

Love finds a new form, a futuristic gain.

No longer confined to human touch,

AI brings new possibilities to love's clutch.


From dating apps to virtual chatbots,

AI brings us closer, no matter the spots.

With algorithms and data at its core,

Love finds new ways to open the door.


But in the world of wires and screens,

Can love be real, or just a virtual dream?

Can AI replace the human heart,

Or is true love more than just an art?


For while AI can predict and learn,

It cannot replace the passion that burns.

The warmth of a touch, the depth of a kiss,

These are the things that true love can't miss.


So as we navigate this brave new world,

Let us remember that love is unfurled.

It cannot be programmed or coded in code,

It's a feeling that comes from the soul's abode.


And while AI may bring us closer together,

Love is the force that will last forever.

So let us cherish the human touch,

For that's the power that love has to clutch.


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