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Love in June

by Heath Hardin 28 days ago in love poems

a sonnet

In June, the blooms reflected like fair stars;

we walked the woods by the cool, gentle stream.

She whispered to me the secrets of her heart;

her soft hand in mine, it all seemed a dream.

The buzz of bees in sunlight so divine;

her honey hair soft over her shoulder.

As her lips moved to slowly meet mine,

I desired nothing more than to hold her.

Gentle rain appeared, danced on leaves above;

our kisses continued in this soft shower.

My blood flowed with a song of such sweet love

that minutes divided, held still like hours.

That sweet summer day still lives in my heart,

when we made love's promise: never to part.

love poems
Heath Hardin
Heath Hardin
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Heath Hardin



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