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Love in Bangkok's embrance

memories in bangkok

By Annalise ZeraPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Love in Bangkok's embrance
Photo by Gareth Harrison on Unsplash

In bangkok's bustling, vibrant streets

happiness blooms where our hearts meet

city lights, a dazzling, endless sea

reflect the joy you bring to me

among the throngs, in market's cheer

i find my paradise when you are near

street food aromas, spices sweet

in every flavor, our love's heartbeat

laterns glow in twilight's dance

eyes meet eyes in a stolen glance

laughter mingles with the city's song

in bangkok's heart, where we belong

amidst the chaos, hand in hand

we fall in love, our dreams expand

in every crowded, joyful space

bangkok's embrace, our love's grace

bangkok, fall in love

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    Annalise ZeraWritten by Annalise Zera

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