Love Confess

by Ecarg Nosive 11 months ago in love poems

To whom do I bless?

Love Confess

Still looking for you even though you may be found

You could be here in my view

And I'd be blinder than I am now,

Blessing me with your every move

I didn’t know then what I know now,

It was you, always you

You’re no longer lost in the crowd

Should have seen it when I knew

But I second guess my own vows,

I left myself with far too many doubts,

You’re everything I ever wanted

I’m walking with the clouds,

You’re the stars above me

Help me reach up, and not be drowned

In sorrow's wake

It usually consequently surrounds,

Every breath that I take

You take with no sound,

Tip toe around my heart

Until you said I love you aloud,

Your love I’ll never disregard

It’s everything that I am proud,

Once a stranger

Then a friend that I allowed,

To take my vulnerability and mend it in to trust endowed,

You’re oblivious to your beauty

But baby take a bow,

The crowd you were once lost in is brewing a storm cloud,

Helping me rise to your innocence

I’ll make it through the twinkle in your eye,

I’ll keep you safe as long as you’re mine.

Eased minds,

Hearts at rest,

Where is this love that I’ve confessed?

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