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Love at First Sight

by Ben Shelley 9 months ago in love poems
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Are you my future?

Love at First Sight
Photo by Shelby Deeter on Unsplash

As the rain thundered around I wondered if this was a good idea?

How could one swipe end up in success, when the world was offering up such a tempest?

It was impossible, wasn't it?

NO. As she rounded the corner and the light hit her hair, I had a thought.

My life was now complete.

My future had arrived and all I could think about was my phone.

Saying yes would remove me from the market. Was I ready to give up the chance?

Was I ready to commit and change the course of my wagon?

Could a virtual dream turn into a modern love story?

Absolutely. As her mouth opened and the greeting was delivered, I was enveloped.

Moby Dick. I was ready to be devoured and to do so with a smile on my face.

This was how my life ended and I was able to paint a grin on my permanently frowing face.

Was I ready?

NO, but I was happy and that is what life is about, isn't it?

Are you ready to be swallowed whole?

love poems

About the author

Ben Shelley

Someone who has no idea about where their place is in this world, yet for the love of content, must continue writing.

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