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Lost Maples

Big Tooth Maples

By Dylan CricePublished 4 months ago 1 min read
A poem about Big Tooth Maples that only grow in the Texas Hill country and one area of New Mexico.

Sanguine color skirt a rippling creek

Our Father’s breath softly stirs their attire

Stretching ever upward they do seek

A glimmer of sunlight to magnify their fire

Wonderfully framed by clouds of alabaster hue

A vivid testament to nature’s wonder

Shadows, the limestone bank does subdue

With kaleidoscopic colors, broken asunder

An abiding tribute does nature cast

By Divine Providence, from palette to form

Enduring still and in times long past

Secure, in autumn colors forever warm

A magnificent gift, through grace was found

By those romantic souls who yearn to see

To feel the peace that does surround

And savor the quiet majesty of the trees

nature poetry

About the Creator

Dylan Crice

I'm heavily influenced by film just as much as reading. Here to get some of the ideas I've got floating around in my head on paper. If I can entertain people with my stories, situations, and characters then all the better.

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