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Lost in the Pages

A Poem on Finding Yourself in Literature

By Zain SiddiquiPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Lost in the Pages
Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

An escape from reality,

A journey beyond imagination,

Pages that hold endless possibilities,

A mere book, yet a whole new creation.

The crisp smell of its dusty pages,

The weight of worlds between my fingertips,

The sound of each flip resonating,

In this book, my soul finally slips.

Lost in the words, lost in the plot,

Lost in the depth of each character,

I lose myself in this literary dreamland,

A place where I can truly surrender.

I'm transported to distant lands,

To ancient times and far-off places,

I'm a witness to tales untold,

In this haven there are no traces.

With each turn, I'm entranced further,

As the story unfolds and grips me tight,

I'm captured by its magic,

My mind is consumed by its endless plight.

Hours pass by, yet I'm unaware,

Of the world outside, or the sun's warm glare,

In this book, I find solace and peace,

A sanctuary where all my worries cease.

Forgetting the world, I'm lost in this book,

A feeling I never want to end,

With each word, I become more hooked,

My heart and soul to this book I lend.

The feeling of getting lost in a book,

Is like a warm embrace from an old friend,

A familiar comfort, a safe haven,

A journey that never truly ends.

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Zain Siddiqui

I'm excited to connect with fellow writers and readers from around the world. I invite you to check out my stories and join me on a journey of imagination and discovery. Thanks for reading!

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