Losing Control

by Charles Freeman about a year ago in inspirational

Love All

Losing Control

I've been inundated with emotion, losing control over the temperance I've had for so long, to the untrained eye I seem infirm, I do not belong in a place where the vitriolic words of another are seen as hilariously fun, how far are we going to go, when is enough enough, why must individuals get so rough, over a reality that doesn't exist, over materialism and stuff, over wealth and greed, how much money does one even need, how many malevolent persons must we breed, when will we choose to quiet our prevarications, when will we choose to ascribe truth to our names and present, wouldn't that be holistically pleasant, when will we reach the pinnacle of or existence, to fall in love with our subsistence, to listen closely to the words said by the fractured and forlorn, so that the lovely and irenic are born, so relationships that have lasted throughout time are never ripped away, cut or torn, so nobody feels alone, so your loved one picks up the phone, so you may grow with others or on your own, so you may find peace and zen and not wonder when, so you may finally have more than just a few imaginary friends, so you may ascend, so you may lend a hand to others that might be indigent and credulous, or frightened and venomous, we all need love more than we think, do not watch anyone drown, help them up, don't put them down, show them the way, don't let them jump to their death, make them stay, make them see that life is worth living for, that life is worth fighting for, open your arms for those who need adoration and wisdom, for in the end, we will all miss them.

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Charles Freeman

Spreading the truth about our own realities to one another opens up a new page in our history.  One filled with the mellifluous sounds of laughter,  the warm feelings of love and the power of caring. So I,  will spread my truth. 

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