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Looking Within

I Find Myself

By Margaret DraperPublished about a year ago 1 min read

I look up; the stars watch impassively.

Stars glisten. Silent tears, trickling, glisten.

The moon shines brightly in the night time sky.

She is detached from my perpetual muse.

Pine boughs sigh softly in the nighttime breeze.

Noiseless sentinels. stand in nocturnal watch.

Their peaceful whisperings caress my soul.

Oh to feel as they feel; harmonious, calm.

The heady scent of life is everywhere.

Fresh grass, bowing, folding, under my feet.

Flowers perfume caress each breath I take.

Nature hints to my tempestuous thoughts.

Breath slows. Heartbeat slows. Perturbation slows.

Stillness bounteously floods my inner being.

A sense of calm pervades my troubled soul.

I am entwined with a greater Power.


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  • katabout a year ago

    Beautiful!! Please return the love ❤️ good luck!

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