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Looking Back

Lessons Learned

By Annetta BrownPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Looking Back
Photo by Michael Skok on Unsplash

I look back at all the heartache and pain

no more tears rolling down my face

nothing but lessons learned and wisdom to gain

these emotions I will sit with and embrace

stepping into my power one day at a time

Like a phoenix, I'll spread my wings and rise

each treacherous mountain I will climb

my soul tribe hears my battle cries

With my heart renewed and my head held high

more focused on my own instead of worldly lies

Nothing can withstand the tests of life

shaping and molding me into my truth

the light that pours through me as sharp as a knife

my life path is my living proof…

surreal poetrysad poetryMental HealthinspirationalGratitude

About the Creator

Annetta Brown

With pen in hand and heart laid bare, I write a chronicle of experiences, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary verses that resonate with the universal rhythms of existence.

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