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Look No Further

by Jeffrey 5 days ago in inspirational / heartbreak · updated 3 days ago
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comfort in being alone

Look No Further
Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

Comfort doesn't live here anymore.

He hasn't been home in quite some time.

I don't remember his face,

so I will try my best to describe.

The moments when he was present,

what he was — and what it meant to me.

He was every single second

when I was sure you wouldn't leave.

Comfort was a horseshoe headrest,

and holding your hand on a plane.

Comfort was waking in a hostel — knowing —

you were only — one bed away.

And to this day— I don't know why — with us—

Comfort chose to stay — but I am sure— of one thing—

while together— Comfort remained.

And even when things were difficult,

Comfort seemed to be— wonderfully— beautifully —

steadfast on his feet.

If you were there, Comfort was too — even if I couldn't see.

Anything possible — that is —short of — conquering the seven seas.

Indeed — it was what I used to believe

— you, me, and Comfort — a perfect three's company.

Then came —what felt like —a stopping of time.

The day you robbed our future blind.

The day you found someone else —

taking Comfort with you — and choosing — to leave me behind.

So, I looked inward —with heavy intention to grow.

And thought — although I didn't want you back — maybe—perhaps— I could entice Comfort home.

So, after taking time to heal — letting go of spite — I found my way ‘round —

Because I deserve better —and with that fact, there is Peace I have found.

I realized my feelings matter — and loyalty and honesty —traits in a relationship I shouldn’t do without.

I am only human —not be confused with — men who’d prefer wear a crown.

Comfort has become — a thought of conviction — No one should have to go through what I did —but then again, Love is still out there,

and I have yet, to put in my bid.

Now Comfort visits — like a dear old friend — and when I want him to stay —

I look no further — than my own skin.

Because —Comfort is the feeling — I am more than enough.

Even without you — as long as — I continue to Love —



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Writing near darkness,

street lamps serve as precious light,

then bulbs fade to black.

Please enjoy my page. Any and all, subscribers, pledges and comments are welcome.

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