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Lockdown Lyricism: "Petrichor"

From a series of poems I penned during the early months of the pandemic.

By Jack Anderson KeanePublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by the author.

Found a new way to be lost

Breadcrumbs scattered in the wind

Shadows of branches like fingers

Creeping to smother and rend

Listen to the whispers scurry

With the leaves on the breeze

Rustle in the bustle of the dark

Under cover of the trees

Moonlight crimson

Dust in the air

Petrichor with the rain

Wash away the despair

Bloodshot eyes

And pale skin

Ashen with fear

And dreaded sin

How many more tomorrows

Until we get back


Do we deserve


Can you forgive


Would we even notice?

sad poetry

About the Creator

Jack Anderson Keane

An idiot pretending not to be an idiot.

You can also find me on Twitter (for memes), Instagram (for the pictures), Letterboxd (for film reviews), Medium (for a Vocal alternative), Goodreads (for book reviews), and Spotify (for my music).

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