Living for the Mic

by Andy Rosario about a year ago in art

This is my Dream.

Living for the Mic

Living for the mic

I’m living for the mic

Dying for the mic

Breathing for the might

Of the hopeful spotlight.

Where lies my crave

That lights my face

Where heart and mind

And life Combine.

I’m craving the need

Of sharing my laugh,

I’ll share it with everyone

The happiness I’ll have,

I’ll finally be heard

And my voice amplified

Through the speakers of believing

And the waving of excite.

Later on, when I’m set free

I will truly be me,

My success will have weight

But my life will be a rate

But I won’t drown on the way

I know there is a price to pay

By holding my friends and family

I’ll overcome my day by day.

I know is hard to be on stage

All the eyes pinned in one place

All the souls keeping your rhythm

With no freedom for mistakes.

But god called me and gave me a name,

Nationally and responsibility

And the dexterity to identify

What’s my calling and ability;

That’s why,

I’m living for the mic,

Dying for the mic,

Breathing for the might

Of the hopeful spotlight

That lies on stage,

That lights my faith,

On the face of fate

Where I fight for life.

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Andy Rosario

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