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Self Love Reflections

By ITS YOUR DESTINY Published 4 months ago Updated 3 months ago 2 min read

The lips God blessed me with, are the same lips the world teased me about. The same full lips hiding my bunny teeth and gap, they pay surgeons top Dollar to recreate.

"Pick up your lip", he said.
"Them some of soup coolers", he shouted!
"Your lips are bigger than your head", they giggled.

As I grow older still boldly bearing
the same lips God blessed me with, the same lips they teased me for, but now try to emulate.
They begin to sexualize!

"Damn baby, with that mouth do" he calls out.
"You could probably kiss my whole face with one peck" she whispers. 'Your lips are so juicy and sexy " they comment. With these same lips God blessed me with. The same exact lips they teased me for, that they will now allow poisons to be injected in their face, just to fit in! They attempt to Disfigure!

"Stop Smiling, you think you are all that, I'll cut you a new grin from ear to ear wench" she scolded! "Shut the hell up or I'll punch you in your damn mouth again " he hollered, out of breathe .
"Seems like the car impact , made you hit your face pretty badly. The bleeding will stop, but you'll need a few stitches, and keep in mind only a minor scar will remain" the emergency physician explained.

Yet with these same lips, God Blessed me with! I speak life forgiveness, love , positivity, motivation and strength ! even to my Enemies , even to a stranger. I Now know You didn't want me to shine!
You wanted me to feel flawed, and broken beyond repair , and for a Timeframe You won!
Yet you didn't realize, beauty is not just skin deep & and with these Lips God blessed me with
The same lips they teased me , lusted for , and tried take Away! I will use to Sing from my HEART & my MIND OF FREE WILL !


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Welcome to my Safe Space, I hope you enjoy the words that flow from my heart and mind.

Thank you for your Love, & Stay Connected on All Other Platforms @ItsYourDestinyTv

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