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Lingual Free Shooting

Fired In the Dark

By Mechanic McPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

one time I will aim a freely focused shot in to the still brisk night

bring forward each who whises to be gifted with simplistic lyric based blessings

no i'm not the bad guy creeping in the shadows

though i may be the ever appraching thrilling completly chilling sesations

can you honestly tell me passion has flooded through you are you unable

to contain yourself for more then one damn moment shoot

ready aim fire shoot shoot the kids got noting on me

though mama warned me not to enter the township if my holsters were not loaded then you would never need to fear me

close I linger to the clutches of the reaper

deep locking up from with inside the grimmest of shot formulaters

risk takers so listen up young warrior

heed my wisened words fore I was once young and eager was i ever

ah yes see in my hay day we rose utter hell and battled each and ever daring

to battle for now my true rights have been challeneged

i must stand firm now though I just wish to rejoice in sheer delightful

solitude locked in tight

just here oh my how sweet my love

Broken formulations

dipping my toe into the big wide lyrical ocean

styles of true sensations

slam poetry

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    Mechanic McWritten by Mechanic Mc

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