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Life. Limbo. Perspective. Gratitude.

By Angela SchnaubeltPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
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What does it mean to be in the "here and now?"

How does it feel to be fully present in the moment?

I'll tell you:

It's NOT limbo. There is no reference to what was. The future is not what will be. Past, Present, and Future are not relevant. Nooooooooooooooooo.

Be. Here. Now.

Limbo is foreign. Limbo is the wrong question. It's the wrong framework.

Be. Here. In the One Eternal Moment of Now.

Reality is where we place our focus. Is the focus on limbo? Is the focus on the future or the past? Where are we placing our attention? Be. Here. Now.

I appreciate what I have. What I have now and what I have in my "vortex." My vortex is also in the here-and-now, just in a different dimension. I'm accessing it! Bit by bit. I'm accessing it!

Shifting. Shifting perspective.

I'm placing my attention on gratitude and a sense of internal peace and Divine Grace. I'm focusing on my blessings. I'm dialed in to the present moment of breathing air, a warm place to sleep, my health (having overcome cancer twice in a decade), food security, and friends who truly love me for who I am.

Gratitude is my focus. I choose the perspective of appreciating what is going RIGHT in my life instead of what is lacking. I choose the here-and-now instead of the illusion of lack. I choose steadfast hope.

I'm feeling the feels. I feel Hope. I feel worthy. I feel gratitude (is gratitude/appreciation an emotion?). I feel dialed in: "tuned in, tapped in, turned on." I feel exhilaration of floating downstream instead of struggling upstream.

Thanks for reading to the end. I'm currently homeless with all of my belongings in storage, but I do have choices of friends to stay with and a warm bed, always. It's ok. I'm looking at re-framing my vocabulary from being in limbo to reflecting my perspective of being fully present in the moment SO full of gratitude and at peace in my soul about my value as a human.

If you can relate, or if you have thoughts about this shift in perspective, then please leave a comment. Hugs, and compassion to you for your journey, as well.

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About the Creator

Angela Schnaubelt

Stage 4 cancer survivor and thriver. Marketing strategist and business development coach for alternative health practitioners. World traveled, intelligent and ambitious yet heart centered. Lover of nature, animals, and life!!

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    Angela SchnaubeltWritten by Angela Schnaubelt

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