Poetry for the Deranged


my vaginal canal is lined with razor teeth

my sex is an ever devouring shark

I give birth to the grotesque

many limbs

many heads

many blinking eyes

Lucifer loved me

Adam despised me

I attacked the cities by the sea

I fled to the mountains

and birthed my horrors

I am mother to monsters

the rage of every dominated woman

my children consume the offspring

of that tyrannical god

I am the dark Goddess

the demon queen

I chewed through my ropes

heaved myself over the wall

and spat on the doorstep of paradise

they fell

and we feasted upon them

when there was light

also was bred darkness

and my soul is imbued with it

I am the breeder of nightmares

long hair a tangle of thorns

white rose and my bloodied breath

and so great predators

gathered under me

his puppets tried to slay the great serpent

tried to prevent my fertility

but I came screaming down upon them

my gates were gates of death

and those who came to me

can not return to life

they came only to enter the Pit

and watched me kiss the mouth of Samuel

we are nephilim

the sparse pale moon my sister

I howled through the wind

chased fatted hypocrites

on their wobbling legs

over the hills of my own vengeance

I ate their hearts without fear

I stood on their graves

and terrified their children

I am the Other God

the Blind Dragon

and my femininity

will fill up all the holes

of his most imperfect savage world

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Sarah Sparks
Sarah Sparks
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Sarah Sparks

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