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Like When Yellow Breaks The Dawn

by Franchessica Hannawacker 8 days ago in inspirational

I Am.

I transform in purple

I am swimming in it freely

So long I hesitated

Fear held me back deeply

But when I gave in

To the purple mist of knowing

Enlightenment changed me

Constantly I am growing

Letting go of everything

I found myself there

I shed their expectations

Until I was bare

Then dove deeper into indigo

To truly see the light

To become who I was meant to be

It was then things felt right

Like when yellow breaks the dawn

I am the light in the storm

I am powerful I am worthy

I am not a person in the norm

I have survived I have conquered

To break free the chains of rot

Basking in the yellow sun

My past is but a thought

I am capable of anything

Any dream I dreamt comes true

Because I can do it all

Anything I put my mind to

I am not a broken girl

So lost so shattered so afraid

I am a righteous queen

Breaking barriers standing in my way

The orange fire burns inside

It swells desperate to get free

How lucky I have been

To be blessed with creativity

An outlet for emotion

Art bleeds from my soul

An empath a mother an artist

Will the world truly know

What it takes to be me

The struggles are certainly clear

And I would do them all again

If I knew I’d end up right here

My roots are red in extremes

The foundation of heightened everythings

I love me all the same

I know future opportunities sing

They sing to me in dewy mornings

The possibilities are endless

I see bursts of color on the horizon

Constantly leaving me breathless

Franchessica Hannawacker
Franchessica Hannawacker
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Franchessica Hannawacker
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