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by Georgia Melodie Hole 4 months ago in nature poetry

A poem

The lifeless, opaque air of yesterday is cut through;

iridescent shafts vanquish the old winter darkness

it is replaced by the tingling, humming breath of expectancy

dust notes dance in the awakened air,

to reverberate through all that before lay deep in rest,

and now rise to face the dawning light.

The blush in spring’s cheeks returns,

as pigment floods the grey and cracked winter parchment

The earth reawakens to its neighbours;

spurring on tender lives that innocently clasp for the reborn sky

They are soon face to face, when a warm greeting is slowly returned.

In celebration the wakers assemble and together rise,

accompanied by an ovation of quivering notes and melodies

The message is spread; on a scale unimagined in those first pensive breaths.

Such shy introductions feel now a mere memory

for the close repartee and entwined ligneous limbs.

nature poetry
Georgia Melodie Hole
Georgia Melodie Hole
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Georgia Melodie Hole

Science poet. Photographer. Nature lover. Arctic climate researcher. Writer.

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