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Life of a Woman.

A Wonder. A Hero.

By Dr. KrissPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
Life of a Woman.
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She is born with a spark in her eyes
She grows up with curiosity and wonder
She learns from her parents and teachers
She dreams of her future and possibilities

She enters the stage of adolescence
She discovers her body and emotions
She explores her identity and passions
She faces her challenges and decisions

She experiences the highs and lows of love
She dates some guys who break her heart
She trusts some friends who stab her back
She learns from her mistakes and moves on

She meets the love of her life
She feels the butterflies and the sparks
She shares her hopes and her fears
She says yes to the ring and the vows

She marries the man of her dreams
She builds a home and a partnership
She supports him in his goals and endeavors
She waits for the right time to start a family

She carries the seed of life within her
She gives birth to a new soul with pain and joy
She feeds the baby with her body and heart
She puts her family's needs above her own

She raises her children with love and care
She teaches them values and skills
She guides them through their ups and downs
She lets them go when they are ready to fly

She enjoys her grandchildren's company
She spoils them with gifts and stories
She watches them grow and learn
She feels proud and happy for them

She loses her husband to death
She mourns him with tears and memories
She misses him every day and night
She finds comfort in her faith and friends

She lives alone in her old age
She talks very little and listens more
She reads books and watches TV
She looks forward to seeing her grandkids

She suffers from some medical issues
She visits doctors and takes pills
She endures pain and discomfort
She hopes for a cure and relief

She dies peacefully in her sleep
She leaves behind a legacy and a mark
She is remembered by her loved ones
She is celebrated by her family and friends

She is a woman, a sister, a lover, a mother, a friend
She is a human, a spirit, a warrior, a healer, a leader
She feels the pain of being a woman, but she also celebrates the joy
She is more than a woman, she is a wonder
She is more than a human, she is a hero
She feels the pain of being a woman, but she also creates the joy
She lives the journey of being a woman, but she also changes the world


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  • ROCK 2 months ago

    SHE, you, WE are portrayed so poignantly by you. Thank you!

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