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Lately I've been a little out of touch with reality,

Been a little consumed by my negative mentality.

I've lost all sanity that was left in my mind,

And if you try to look for logical reasoning, there's barely any left behind.

If I were to make it simple then you could say I've gone crazy,

All I can recall are bad memories the rest is a bit hazy.

I'm tired of these thoughts running through my brain,

But alas, all efforts to make them go away end up in vain.

It's hurtful when people say, think more positive,

It's hurtful when people expect things from me when I've got nothing to give.

I can't help but tear up every time I'm alone,

I can't help but build myself another world nestled inside my little phone.

I've spent my life being surrounded by people, but living in solitary,

I've spent my life, putting on a smile when I'm not particularly merry.

I've learnt a lot from life, but none of it's good,

Everyone tells you to succeed, but no one tells you how you could.

As the joker once said "Life is nothing but a comedy",

Well I must be a joke because all people do is laugh at me.

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